The Movement Boyz

     6 Emcees, 6 different styles and stories to tell, who came together over the years, meeting up in Concord, NH.

     Hailing originally from the woods of northern New Hampshire, to the hoods of New York City, these 6 formed a bond through a love and passion of hip-hop, which spawned 5 albums, hundreds of songs, beats, and live shows, but most of all.....a brotherhood.

     After almost a decade of pursuing solo ventures, jobs, raising families, and just, life, this six headed hip-hop monster has returned to do what they love.....making music for the masses.

     We are.....L.Birdy, SinCity, Stryme1, Cees AG, P.Afishu & Mindz.

     We are.....The Movement Boyz

     We are.....TMB